Hi, my name is Hamerton, my friends call me Hammer. 

I have always wanted to build a thriving business, but I needed a greater purpose other than just making a profit. Hence, “Kreuzelle Outdoor and Slumber Shoppe” was born. We pride ourselves in seeking after reputable product manufacturers to ensure our customer base remain loyal and satisfied. Our unconditional 30-day full return policy is among the strongest on the market and our prices are among the most competitive as well.  As for our additional objective, for too long, Children Cancer and Sickle Cell Disease have remained untreated and to a great extent unfunded by the public and private sector. So, we are committed to channel 1% of our profit to the “Saint Jude Children Research Hospital” and the “Sickle Cell Foundation” to promote research. This is our commitment, and we issue newsletters to our customers with proof of our donation.

My passion.

Mountain climbing, hiking, cycling and camping.  As an outdoor person, I find that the key to a successful journey begins with a full and restful night sleep. Hence, the core of my mission is to blend an active lifestyle with the proper rest needed to be a success.